Crisium – Letters from the Voyage

Saturday 16th Mar 2019 - 8:00pm

Crisium - Letters from the Voyage

The Show...

"Letters From The Voyage" is a family friendly show which blends together music from a vast range of genres. It’s a truly unique live show experience in *Quad Sound.

The music is both comfortably familiar in style and excitingly new in content and you may well recognise some famous sounds. It is an ideal family night out and has something for everyone. The show is full of atmosphere and there are many places where you will feel the past and the present coming together with tiny details and magical moments waiting to be discovered.

Musical Style...

Crisium are becoming known for their huge ambient soundscapes overlaid with rock and classical influences, mathematical structures, soaring guitar harmonies and angelic vocals. On stage they blend classical piano with guitars, vocals and a variety of synths including analogue modular synthesisers.

*Quad Sound: Natural sounding surround sound - Where possible.


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For more information about this event please email or phone on 01473 225269 (leaving a message).